Urban Renewal – Performance pt.III of Winter Shift, Easter Day 2022. Klosterruine Berlin.

Urban Renewal
Easter Sunday, 3:30pm

Steven Warwick as the Easter Bunny
Laura Welker as Tinky Winky & The Good Breast
Beatrice Marchi as Po & The Bad Breast
Michelle Woods as Michael Jackson , The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Urban Renewal focuses on the perils of childhood and infantilisation. Is childhood, as Blake said, innocence after all?

Two babies stand before me, but will they escape the spectre of Oedipus? The protagonists embark on an epic journey, encountering the blessed and the sick. Children become babies, babies become children and adults in turn become babies. A journey laced laced with pitfalls of falling down yet another rabbit hole. Thankfully, the Easter bunny has left some clues. Riddled by guilt, the two babies transform into symbols of nourishment, but will they leave some left for the rest of society? Will they use this source of knowledge to finally rid themselves of fraticidal impulses, the purgatory of becoming googi gaga?

This will be the third and final part of Winter Shift an exhibition by Steven Warwick. Dec 17 2021 -April 24 2022.

Written and directed by Steven Warwick
Curated by Christopher Weickenmeier