Heatsick – RE‑ENGINEERING (2013, PAN 048)

“Re-engineering is a referential minefield mapping the emergence of fluid topologies reflecting today’s tastes and attitudes. Quoting William Carlos Williams “a poem is a machine made of words” the text can be viewed as an ecology, shifting in state, both moulding and being moulded by the viewer in a symbiotic exchange. Language is here sculptural (or can be viewed as a set of tools) envisioning a space of potentiality, whether it be the dancefloor, the pavement, self organized populations, birdsong or the metallic escalator.”

RE-ENGINEERING is the bold new album from Heatsick, aka Berlin based British artist Steven Warwick.

Well known for his epic multi-hour live club sets and acerbic wit, he characterizes this collection of new material as a “cybernetic poem” that both indulges us in the mores of hypnotic dance music while holding a critical, and at times satirical, lens toward the culture writ large.

01. Re-Engineering (feat. Hanne Lippard)
02. E-Scape
03. Mimosa
04. Watermark
05. Clear Chanel
06. U1
07. Speculative
08. Apres Moi, Le Deluge!
09. Dial Again (feat. Jesse Garcia)
10. Emerge
11. Accelerationista