Catch My Grift – performance text published by Kunsthaus Glarus, (2023)

Catch My Grift is a performance text written in 2023. It was performed at the closing of Sophie Gogl’s exhibition “Die knusprige Nichte” at Kunsthaus Glarus.


Catch My Grift is a text about an young artist being fired from their temp office job after graduating art school. The artist dreams of being paid for a whole day without carrying out the daily tasks. In the organization the boss’s partner sets up a scheme to offer free, introductory, proto wellness techniques to relieve the daily stress of office life. These techniques, it is hoped, will in turn boost worker morale and productivity.

The protagonist hatches a plan. A dare is initiated,  using co-workers names (with their consent) to take their slots and be paid a full day rate to engage in a day of wellness. The head of the healing strategies initiative also agrees to allow this to happen, as the fledgling business needs bustling optics to show that this pilot scheme is working.

The protagonist then embarks on a tightrope walk of wellness and non work. One’s work performance truly becomes a performance. All runs well until team leaders and bosses start asking questions…

On the occasion of Steven Warwick, Catch my Grift, 2023, a performative lecture on June 11, 2023. On the occasion of the exhibition Sophie Gogl, Die knusprige Nichte, Kunsthaus Glarus, 2023. English, booklet, 21.5 x 31 cm, 5 pages. ISBN 978-3-906538-35-8

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