Selected musical performances, live sets & DJ sets

Berghain Berlin, Trouw Amsterdam, Issue Project Room, Stony Island Arts Bank/ LAMPO Chicago, Unsound Krakow, London Contemporary Music Festival, Mutek Mexico, Novas Frequencias Brazil

Selected performances, plays & films

THE ANTI-SOCIAL POODLE – forthcoming film

BACKSTAGE – Trauma Bar durational performance Berlin 2022

PIGS HEAD ON A STICK – Klosterruine Berlin Valentine’s Day 2022

URBAN RENEWAL – Klosterruine Berlin, Easter Sunday 2022

NEOLITERAL ( The Quest for Lyft Experience) – Perdu Theatre, Amsterdam 2022

VOMITORIA – bobshop Berlin, 2021

OUTSIDE – guerilla performance at Schinkelplatz marble seating bench, 2021

THE GROTESQUE – performance score, Zürich Moves! 2020


The Riddle of the Imp on the Mezzanine – Reading International and ICA London, 2019

Performing America (Iconic America) by Elevator to Mezzanine, KW Institute of Art, Berlin 2018

HQ ( I Feel So Mezzaniney) by Steven Warwick & Carlos Maria Romero performed at Etopia residency Zaragoza Spain, London Contemporary Music Festival, and Grüner Salon, Volksbühne Berlin, 2018, Zürich Moves! 2019

The Public Image by Gerard Lavender, Directed by Steven Warwick, New Theater Berlin. 2015

NEONLIBERAL at Cafe Oto, 2015

HOLY WATER – film, 2015

HOLY WATER – performance reading and film, Steirischer Herbst Graz, 2015.

Selected exhibitions

Winter Shift – Klosterruine Berlin 2021-2022
The Grotesque – Aesthetik 01 Berlin 2018
NEUTRAL – Exile Galerie, Berlin 2016

Selected group exhibitions

The Forage, Moabit Berlin outdoor exhibition 2021
Relax, it’s all online – Galerie Lars Friedrich, 2021

Steven Warwick is a performer, image and object maker. He constructs narratives and situations across different media such as performance, plays, films, music, writing and sculptural / theatrical installations which unravel preconceived social dramaturgies and their accompanying articulations through the linguistic and affective, questioning one’s experience in the contemporary public and mediated sphere.

Warwick has exhibited work at Schinkel Pavilion Berlin, Reading International, Zürich Moves!, ICA London, Steierischer Herbst Austria, SMK Copenhagen, Klosterruine Berlin, Cleopatras NYC, Balice Hertling NYC,and was artist in residence at Villa Aurora, Los Angeles 2015.

Warwick also makes music under his own name (previously as Heatsick) – the latest release, titled “MOI”, is out on PAN. He has performed music at Berghain, Issue Project Room, Trouw Amsterdam, Unsound Krakow, London Contemporary Music Festival, Mutek Mexico, Novas Frequencias Brazil.

His writing and criticism has appeared in Texte Zur Kunst, Urbanomic, Artforum and Electronic Beats and has co-authored a book “Fear Indexing the X Files” published through Primary Information (2017).

His new book “Notes on Evil” is published this Autumn 2022 on Floating Opera Press.

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